Room 7

Angel Community Centre,

48 Raynham Rd, Edmonton, London

N18 2JF


Tel: 0744-9857-513

Tue, Wed, Thu

 9:30 - 1:00 


10:00 - 2:00

Booking Only 

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About Me

Mo has a special interest in uniting therapeutic philosophies of west, east and central, so in one massage session, the client could experience a mixture of deep Swedish style stokes on the soft tissue, with acupressure and stretches of joints to open the meridian channels as Thai or Chinese massage, finished with the unique rhythmic drumming style of African healing.


This new zone allows the client to let go of time and space, allowing the traumatic memories in the whole body released with much ease. The past is accepted and the future is welcomed, negativity is released and a new positive zone takes place in the client’s life. 

Therapy zone is about creating harmony between the client’s needs and the therapist’s touch, using wisdom and professional knowledge. The aim is to create a deep enough connection between the two so healing and happiness are achieved harmoniously without pain or pressure.


Each client is treated unique and each session contains a touch of twist to the one before, either deepening the touch or lighting the pressure. A zone of oneness between the client and the therapist is finally achieved.